Summer Time Savers

Summer Time Savers

If you have stepped outside in the last few weeks, you will have noticed the weather has been boiling hot!! And when we hear that music come from the ice cream van it can be really hard to resist! Or if you’re like me and my office sells Ice Lollies in hot weather it can be unbearable! So here is some low syn summer tricks for you.

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 00.07.27

First of all, lets praise the beauty of mini twisters! Most supermarkets have these bad boys on offer at the moment and they do not disappoint.
They’re flavoursome, with a mix of ice lolly and ice cream to them, and also they are only 2 syns! Or even 4 syns for a normal sized one! Pretty impressive to keep you cool this summer. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 00.07.44

Secondly, Mini Milks, which at first I dismissed as I didn’t think they would be that good of a treat (I know, crazy right?) Until my partner persisted we buy them because there was no Mini Twisters left, and I have to say these are mind-blowingly good! When its so hot you can hardly breathe and everyone is having a Mr Whippy, be safe in the knowledge that these are only 1.5 syns and much better than you remember from being a child.

And lastly, although I’m sure there’s plenty more gScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 00.08.00reat ice lolly hacks this summer, Mini Fabs are something we should all have in our freezers! at 2.5 syns for a mini one, and 4 syns for a normal sized one, its very hard to resist.

They all beat the 5.5 syns per one scoop of Ben and Jerries chocolate fudge! and they taste just as naughty! I advise to stock the freezer up with these treats, and great for anyone who might have kids too.

Another great tip for the summer time is to create your own ice lollies if you find the time. This can be done with Sugar free cordials and water into an ice lolly mould. Also a great way to add some speed foods by adding fruit to them for extra flavour and no syns.

Keep cool out there this summer! C, x



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